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Treatment Guidance

I want you to receive the best possible treatment, which helps you to achieve your goals.  Holistic treatments can help to improve and maintain good health.  There can be several long-term benefits from receiving regular treatments, rather than sporadic one-off sessions.


Treatments can help:

Ease your pain – triggering the release of the body’s natural painkillers.

Boost your immunity – increasing the number of white blood cells that play a large role in defending the body from disease.

Improve your flexibility and range of motion – relieving tired, stiff joints. Keeping them more fluid.

Reduce your stress and tension – lowering blood pressure and increasing the production of endorphins, your body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemical, therefore boosting your mood!0.50

Relax your body and mind – improving and maintaining good health.

Decrease your muscle soreness – relieving muscle fatigue, aches and stiffness.

Aid better sleep – reducing blood pressure and promoting restful sleep.

Encourage better circulation – increasing blood flow, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cells more efficiently. As well as removing waste from the body.

Promote Healing - Stimulating your body’s natural ability to heal.


Frequency asked Questions


Are the treatment you offer suitable for me?

Massage, Reflexology and Reiki are safe and natural therapies.  Please contact me so we can discuss the treatments I offer, and which is most appropriate for you.  I take the ‘holistic approach’ to your wellbeing.  This means that I will take your physical, mental and spiritual health into consideration.  Prior to a first treatment, I ask you to fill in a confidential, health and wellbeing consultation form, (please see my <Client/Practitioner Agreement> for more details). I’ll explain the treatment you'll receive and review the information given. Occasionally, medical permission may be required before a treatment can begin, for example, if you are pregnant or have a chronic medical condition.  Where permission cannot be obtained, clients can give their informed consent by signing the form.

Where will my treatment take place?

Your treatment will take place at your home, workplace or at a venue.  I will set up my portable equipment in a suitable space, with room for me to move around freely without obstruction.

What do I wear during the treatment?

For a full body, oil-based massage, clients undress to their underwear.  Clients are covered with towels/blankets at all times except for the area being worked on.  For Onsite and seated Indian Head Massage, the client remains fully clothed. For Reflexology, the client remains fully clothed with shoes and socks removed.

What do I do during a treatment?

Make yourself comfortable and relax.  I will ask you to adjust your position as needed.  I suggest you close your eyes and relax completely, this helps to maximise the benefits of the treatment.

How will a treatment feel?

Ever session is tailored to each client as no two people are the same.  A classic routine starts with the application of  massage oil. The movements range from broad, flowing strokes to invigorating friction, depending on the desired therapeutic effect.  A Reflexology routine starts with the application of wax with pressure applied to the flexes in the feet or hands.  Pressure is applied within your comfort zone with all treatments.  Reiki is channelled hands on, or just above the area being worked on.

How will I feel after the treatment?

How you feel after a treatment varies, based on the demands you place on your body and the type of treatment you receive.  Clients report feeling good.  Feelings range can from being deeply relaxed, renewed and balanced to invigorated with increased energy.  To maximise the benefits, please read my recommended aftercare guidance.

Holistic Massage -

works on the soft tissues of the body.  Specifically tailored to each client, treating their 'whole being', using a range of movements with varying levels of pressure, to relax, stimulate or rehabilitate the body.  Massage can ease muscle tension, stimulate poor circulation, aid lymphatic drainage and reduce stress, aiming to rejuvenate the body and revitalise the mind.

Reflexology -

is based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet and hands.  These areas form a map to corresponding parts of the body. Specialised techniques are applied to specific reflex points, and the aim of a treatment is to relieve stress, help restore balance to the body, and improve the client’s general health and wellbeing.  Please note, a firm pressure is applied and can feel uncomfortable, I will work within your comfort zone.

Reiki -

means ‘universal life force energy’, and is based on the principle that it flows through all of us. Reiki is transferred through the practitioner to the Client, and adjusts itself to create the most appropriate effect. The treatment aims to re-balance the flow of energy, promoting a sense of wellbeing and spiritual renewal.


Chiltern Mobile Massage

Celine at CMM provides therapies at a clients' home, workplace or event. Treatments include: Swedish/Classic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Thai Massage, Gua Sha Massage, Reiki Healing, Pregnancy Massage, Organic Facial Massage, Natural Facelift Massage, and Seated Acupressure (Onsite) Massage

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Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you've found what you where looking for! Please feel free to contact me if you would like to make a booking or discuss any of the treatments I offer. Areas covered: Amersham, Asheridge, Ashley Green, Ballinger, Bellingdon, Beaconsfield, Berkhamsted, Bovingdon, Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter, Chartridge, Chesham, Chenies, Chipperfield, Chorleywood, Coleshill, Great Kingshill, Great Missenden, Halton, Hazlemere, Holmer Green, Hyde Heath, Latimer, Ley Hill, Little Chalfont, Penn Street, South Heath, Stoke Mandeville, The Lee, Tring, Wendover, Winchmore Hill and Surrounding Areas.

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